Jennings Smith

My First Million In Multifamily

Jennings Smith brings decades of life experience to

  • Residential Builder of custom homes - Solo Operator
  • Bought his first rental property when he was 30-2013
  • Joined a franchise and expanded with partners throughout the state of SC
  • Partnered to start a property management company in 2018
  • Bought first multifamily in 2019
  • Exited building franchise and property management in 2020 to go into real estate investing full time

Jennings realized the power of cash flowing real estate early on, and decided to educate himself on how to grow that business, not with single family homes, but by going after multifamily properties. He studied for years to learn the industry, taking multiple courses online.

He landed his first apartment deal in 2019 with a JV partnership. From there it grew until he has a portfolio of 500+ units so far. His passion is creating time freedom in his life so that he can focus on leaving a legacy for future generations.

11.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Day Two Thursday, May 19th

Major Multifamily Acquisitions

Large raises and large profits with MFMIM

  • Find other creative strategies to gain equity and close on large deals. The Co-Sponsors have a Facebook group with 20,000 followers titled “My First Million in Multi Family” and help syndicators find deals and gain skills.  Learn how they acquired 900 units in 2 years.
9:50 - 10:30 AM

Day Three Friday, May 20th

Shark Tank