Ali Semir

James River Housing Partner

Ali Semir, CCIM, MRICS, is an experienced real estate broker and commercial real estate owner / operator. Most recently, Ali founded James River Housing Partners and James River Investment Partners (collectively, “James River”), focused on the development and ownership of multifamily apartment and condo buildings in Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Staunton, VA and Macon, GA. Ali has led James River as a syndication platform and asset management company to deliver over $400,000 in partnership distributions across 250 multifamily units located in eight properties and three states. Through existing deals, Ali will grow James River to control 300 units and over $50 million in assets under management.


Ali’s experience in multifamily loan underwriting includes Capital One Multifamily Finance, Lument Real Estate Capital, Walker & Dunlop, and Freddie Mac.  In these roles, he underwrote over $2 billion of Fannie and Freddie loans across multiple multifamily niches including student housing and Mobile Home communities.

10.45 - 11.30 AM

Day One Wednesday, May 18th

Underwriting 101

How to know if a deal is a DEAL:

  • Learn how to properly value SFH portfolios and multi-family properties.
11.30 AM - 12.00 PM

Day One Wednesday, May 18th

Live Deal

Conference hosts will buy a property during the conference:

  • See the steps from identifying a property, coming up with a pro-forma, finding a valuation, drafting a LOI, negotiating a contract and entering escrow. Throughout each session, we will spend 10 minutes updating progress on this deal. By watching this LIVE, attendees will realize it’s not hard and there is no up-front risk.
2:15 - 3:30 PM

Day One Wednesday, May 18th

Sourcing Debt

A bad loan can sink a good deal

  • Learn how to negotiate with banks and create a true partnership with your lender. Hosts will highlight different financing strategies and exit strategies based on varying debt structures.
4:00 - 5:00 PM

Day One Wednesday, May 18th

Deal Road Map

Step by step guide from offer, through due diligence and closing

  • Learn what to ask a seller and how to conduct proper due diligence.  Review 3rd party reports, lease audits, and everything from escrow too close.
9.00 - 10.00 AM

Day Two Thursday, May 19th

Structuring A Syndication & Post Closing Asset Management

What are investors looking for?

  •  Discussion of preferred returns, waterfalls, and ways to create a triple win for the manager, the investors, and the residents.
9:50 - 10:30 AM

Day Three Friday, May 20th

Shark Tank

10:30 -12:00 PM

Day Three Friday, May 20th

Next Steps - 100k Commitment

100,000 equity contest

  • Learn by doing.  For the first 90 days following the conference, attendees will have bi-weekly zoom calls where they can pitch deals that they find in their market.  Participants will partake in under-writing, debt sourcing, equity raising – the best deal that comes across will get a $100,000 investment from the sponsors and a co-GP opportunity to close on their next investment.